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4 Things to Do Before You Build Your Livestock Fence

livestock fence

Building a livestock fence takes careful planning. Without proper preparation, you’re apt to make costly mistakes that could force you to rip your entire fence down. You should do these four things before you start digging to ensure your livestock farm fencing is installed correctly the first time.

1. Determine the type of fence you need. There are many types of livestock fencing, some suited for large animals like cattle and horses, and others made to contain smaller animals like goats and chickens. Find a fence with a suitable gauge, like heavy-duty wire fencing, and determine the best distance between the posts. Click here to learn more about choosing the best livestock fencing.

Furthermore, consider your long-term future. If you have cattle right now and plan to raise goats in a couple of years, ensure your fencing will be able to contain both animals so you won’t have to replace the entire fence.

2. Locate all underground utilities. The saying, “call before you dig,” also applies to farm fencing. Before digging holes for your fence posts, locate the natural gas, water and electricity lines. Hitting a line with an industrial auger isn’t only dangerous; it can result in a fine and knock out electricity or water service to the entire area.

3. Mark property lines and easements. Even if you think you know where your property line is, double-check your property’s survey or deed. If you don’t have one, check your municipal office, or you may have to hire a surveyor. The effort and expense are worth it. If you build a fence on your neighbour’s property, they have every right to demand you rip it down. Conversely, you don’t want your fence to cut off your land.

4. Measure and mark the fence line. Start by drawing your fence plan on paper. Consider where you want to run water lines, and identify the locations for gates and feeders. Then, mark the fence line on the ground with a string. With this outline in place, you can determine how much fencing and materials you need to order from a farm fencing dealer.


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