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Wholesale Farm Equipment in Southern Ontario

Cattle-handling Products

We provide cattle-handling items such as adjustable alleys, cattle squeeze panels and calf tilt tables that are easy to use. These are ideal to use on cattle enclosures, corrals and pens to improve your farm's efficiency, using this modern, mobile cattle handling system. 

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Poultry Accessories

We offer a range of poultry accessories that make handling chickens easier, such as heavy-duty and poultry crates. Our inventory also includes carefully crafted products such as water and feed troughs, poultry crates, coops and kennels.

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We provide various easy-to-use and ready-to-build greenhouses for your farm. With our products, you can enjoy the benefit of installing a greenhouse on your farm with quick and easy assembly, waterproofed covers, enhanced illumination, and venting for airflow and temperature control.

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From horse shelters to large animal enclosures or pens, we provide farms with sturdy and safe shelters and pens for their animals. We offer a complete list of products consisting of items such as pens and horse shelters. Most of our shelters and pens are mobile, which means they can easily be shifted from one area to another.

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Fence Posts

Our steel fence posts will add a layer of security to your property and precious livestock. We offer various options to match the fences on your farm and to meet your requirements, including light-duty, steel, and T-post clips.

Visit our online shop and explore a diverse range of products:

As wholesale suppliers, we at Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct provide a variety of top-notch farm equipment in southern Ontario. We are committed to making the lives of farmers easier, which is why we source trustworthy products for them. All of our products adhere to the industry's highest standards, and provide lasting solutions.


For more information, or if you are unsure of which product would best fit your needs, feel free to call us.

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We offer wholesale farm equipment products including poultry accessories, shelters, greenhouses and more.

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