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Livestock Equipment in Peterborough

Agriculture plays a significant economic role in Peterborough County. This area is known for its undulating hills and wetlands, which are perfect for raising livestock like dairy and beef cattle. As your trusted source for livestock equipment in Peterborough, Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct carries a variety of high-quality farm products from industry-leading suppliers at unbeatable prices. We also offer quick and reliable delivery services. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

Our Products

At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, we carry superior quality farm equipment for a variety of agricultural needs. Here’s an overview of some of our livestock products.

  • Cattle handling products.

Our modern, mobile cattle handling systems are easy to use and can help streamline your farming operations. We carry adjustable alleys, cattle squeeze panels, calf tilt tables and more.

  • Poultry accessories.

We have a variety of poultry handling products and accessories, including heavy-duty crates, water troughs, feed troughs, coops and kennels.

  • Shelters and pens.

Our corrals, shelters and pens are suitable for a variety of livestock like horses, sheep, and goats. We also have many mobile units that can quickly be moved from one area of your farm to another.

  • Livestock feeders.

We have an impressive selection of livestock feeders, including pasture, round bale, and tombstone hay feeders. Many of our products have grain tray bottoms so you can feed a variety of animals at once. These products also keep hay off the ground to keep your property clean.

  • Livestock fencing.

Our livestock fencing and durable fence posts are ideal for protecting your animals from predators and preventing them from escaping. We carry smooth wire, barbed wire, welded utility, field, woven no-climb and hardware cloth fencing.

  • Livestock panels.

We offer safe and reliable livestock panels that can be configured to suit any need. We carry heavy-duty mesh panels, as well as light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty gauge panels.

If we carry it, you can rest assured it stands up to the test.

5 Benefits of Buying from Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct

Here are five things that set Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct apart from other farm equipment retailers in Peterborough.

1. We sell wholesale.
We cut out the retailer in the supply chain. This means we can offer you some of the lowest prices on farm equipment in Southern Ontario.

2. We have experience.
Our team has several years of combined experience in the Ontario farming industry. We know which products you need and the importance of getting them to you quickly.

3. We’re flexible.
Our online store allows you to shop for the farm equipment you need from the comfort of your own home. We quickly fulfill orders and deliver directly to your farm, wherever you are.

4. We sell high-quality products.
We source all our products directly from the manufacturer. Our team carefully inspects every product in our inventory to ensure it meets the highest industry standards.

5. We have a large selection.
Our product line can outfit any type of agricultural business, from small hobby farms to large-scale commercial operations. We also don’t impose any quantity limits.

If you need farm supplies and livestock equipment, look no further than Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct in Peterborough.

Wholesale Farm and Livestock Equipment in Peterborough

At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct in Peterborough, we have the farm supplies and livestock equipment you need to improve your operations. Our team listens to your needs and offers an unmatched customer service experience. Contact us today to learn more about our impressive selection of products.

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