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Livestock Supplies in London

London is the heart of Ontario’s agricultural industry. Indeed, it’s home to some of the largest dairy farms in Ontario, which help produce nearly a third of Canada’s milk supply. If you own livestock, you know that investing in high-quality supplies can improve the efficiency of your operations. Fortunately, Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct has everything London-area farmers need to keep their animals safe and healthy. Contact us to learn more about our products.

What We Sell

At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, we carry high-quality livestock equipment and supplies for London farms, including:

  • Livestock fencing.
    Quality fencing protects your animals from predators and prevents them from escaping. Whether you have cattle, horses, goats, chickens or rabbits, we have a
    livestock fencing product to suit your needs. We carry smooth wire, barbed wire, welded utility, field, woven no-climb and hardware cloth fencing.

  • Livestock panels.
    Safe, reliable, and mobile
    livestock panels are an efficient way to corral your animals and direct traffic. You can easily configure the panels to suit your needs. We offer light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty gauge panels, as well as heavy-duty mesh panels.

  • Livestock feeders.
    livestock feeders help keep your farm clean by keeping hay off the ground. We carry pasture feeders, round bale feeders, and tombstone hay feeders. Additionally, many of our models feature grain tray bottoms, so you can feed several animals at once.

  • Cattle handling products.
    Our modern, mobile
    cattle handling systems are easy to use and can help improve your farm’s efficiency. We carry adjustable alleys, cattle squeeze panels, calf tilt tables and more.

  • Poultry accessories.
    We carry everything you need to streamline your poultry operation, including heavy-duty
    crates, water troughs, feed troughs, coops and kennels. 

  • Shelters and pens.
    Protect your animals from sun, rain and snow with our horse corrals,
    shelters and pens. We also carry mobile units that you can quickly move from one area to another.

Our farming supplies are versatile, making them suitable for small and large operations.

What Makes Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct Unique

Here are five benefits to partnering with Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct for all your farm equipment needs.

1. Benefit from wholesale prices.
We offer some of the best prices on farm equipment in Southern Ontario because we cut out the retailer in the supply chain.

2. Collaborate with an experienced team.
Our team has several years of experience in the Ontario farming industry and knows the best products for your needs.

3. Reduce downtimes on your farm.
You can shop online and have top-quality livestock supplies shipped directly to your London farm as soon as possible.

4. Invest in high-quality products.
We work directly with manufacturers to source top-quality products. Our team inspects every product to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.

5. Purchase the supplies you need.
We don’t have any quantity limits. Therefore, you can purchase the agricultural products you need for your small hobby farm or large-scale commercial operation.

Our team can help you find the livestock supplies that are right for you.

Wholesale Livestock Supplies in London, Ontario

At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, our agricultural experts listen to what you have to say. We understand what you need and deliver high-quality livestock supplies straight to your farm. We serve farms of all sizes from London to Peterborough. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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