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Livestock Equipment in Richmond Hill

Agriculture has deep roots in the Richmond Hill area. Although urban encroachment has threatened prime farmland, Richmond Hill’s proximity to the Ontario Green Belt ensures farming in the region will continue for generations to come. That’s why Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct proudly offers the highest-quality livestock equipment to producers in the Richmond Hill area at the lowest prices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your operation.

The Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct Advantage

Partnering with Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct allows you to:

  • Save money. We’re a wholesaler, so there’s no retail intermediary. Buying direct from the manufacturers means we can get the best possible prices for our products, and we pass those savings on to you.

  • Save time. You can shop online through our website. Your order will be delivered quickly right to your farm gate, wherever you’re located in Southern Ontario. Don’t waste valuable time travelling to and from various retailers. Let us do the work for you!

  • Know you’re buying the best. Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer. We ensure our inventory consists of only reliable, durable, high-quality products designed to withstand the challenges of Richmond Hill’s climate and conditions. 

  • Get expert advice. Our employees have years of experience in Ontario’s farming industry and understand the challenges you face. We’ll work with you to find the best solutions.

If you need farm supplies and livestock equipment, look no further than Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct in Richmond Hill.

We Offer a Wide Selection

Another advantage of shopping with Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct is our broad range of products and materials. Here’s an overview of what we sell.

  • Livestock fences. Our selection of farm and livestock fences is unsurpassed in Southern Ontario. We carry fencing solutions for all types of farms and any animal you raise. We have smooth wire, barbed wire, field, woven no-climb, welded utility and hardware cloth fencing. We also carry durable fence posts and farm gates.

  • Livestock feeders. We can help you increase the efficiency of your operation with our selection of farm feeders. Our bale, tombstone hay and pasture feeders reduce feed waste and keep feed off the ground. We also offer feeding solutions for goats, sheep and chickens.

  • Cattle handling products. Our inventory of cattle handling systems includes calf tilt tables, cattle squeeze panels and adjustable alleys. These modern and mobile solutions will help you streamline your livestock production.

  • Poultry farm supplies. We make raising chickens easier with our wide variety of poultry handling products, including crates, coops and more.

  • Shelters and pens. You can protect your animals from sun, rain and pests with our mobile and safe livestock shelters and corrals.

  • Livestock panels. We offer rugged, mobile livestock panels, which are more versatile than fencing and allow you to configure your enclosures any way you want. 

Lastly, our products adhere to the industry’s highest standards.

Wholesale Livestock Equipment in Richmond Hill and Southern Ontario

At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, we want to streamline your farming operations. That’s why we offer only the best livestock equipment and supplies. You can trust you’re getting the lowest prices because we work directly with manufacturers. Contact us today to speak with our friendly and helpful staff about how we can help your Richmond Hill farm.

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