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Hobby Farm Supplies in Barrie

The area around Barrie is famous for its rich, fertile soil and abundant fields and farms. It’s also an ideal location for hobby farming. Although hobby farming is a fun diversion, it still takes hard work and specialized tools. That’s where Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct comes in. We offer high-quality wholesale farm equipment, including livestock and poultry accessories, shelters, greenhouses, and more. Contact us today by calling 905-588-2995 or emailing us at

Who Can Hobby Farm?

Hobby farmers come from all walks of life and don’t necessarily have agricultural backgrounds. For example, hobby farmers are often retirees living on pensions or professionals with day jobs who want to grow organic vegetables or raise chickens for farm-fresh eggs. For many, running a hobby farm is a way to connect with nature and escape the stresses of modern urban life.

How to Start a Hobby Farm

Sowing the seeds of your hobby farm includes:

  • Setting goals.
    Ask yourself some questions. For example, is your goal to grow food for yourself or care for animals? Choose the crops you’d like to grow and the animals you’d like to raise. Assess the land you have (or are looking to buy) and determine what areas are suitable for growing vegetables or keeping livestock.

  • Setting a budget.
    Based on your goals, consider how much you can afford to spend and how much land you’ll need. Hobby farming doesn’t require dozens of hectares of land. If you’re looking to buy a farm, do your research and ensure the value of the land is in synch with the local real estate market.

  • Building your farm.
    Once you’ve purchased your hobby farm, it’s time to get to work. You may need to construct a chicken coop or a pen for a pot-bellied pig. You’ll need livestock fencing or panels. You may also need chicken crates or a greenhouse to start your seedlings.

Starting a hobby farm requires thought, patience, and an investment of time and money.

Essential Products for Hobby Farming

There are several products no hobby farm should be without. Here’s a list of some of hobby farming essentials available at Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct’s online shop:

  • Farm fencing.
    Durable farm fencing is necessary to keep livestock and poultry on your property safe from predators like dogs and coyotes. Cattle and horse fencing differs from goat and rabbit fencing. For example, some animals are notorious climbers. Therefore, do your research and consult with one of our experts before choosing your fence.

    You may also need to build a corral for horses and cattle or an enclosure for bison using livestock panels, which are versatile and portable.

    Furthermore, when you install wire fencing or livestock panels, you’ll also need steel fence posts and quality gates to keep your property and animals safe while enduring extreme weather conditions.

  • Livestock feeders.
    Using livestock feeders allows you to feed your animals efficiently and cleanly. Our feeders are lightweight and easy to set up, minimize spillage, and keep your property clean by keeping hay bales and other feed off the ground. 

  • Poultry accessories.
    We carry several poultry farm products, including crates, water and feed troughs, coops, and kennels. This equipment makes moving, feeding, and protecting your chickens easy. We also have rubber mats to make cleaning your chicken coop a breeze.

  • Greenhouses.
    Investing in a greenhouse will help you get a head start on your vegetable crops. Our greenhouses are quick and easy to assemble. Many models also come with waterproof covers, enhanced illumination, and venting for temperature control and airflow.

  • Shelter and pens.
    Your animals need protection from the rain, snow, and sun. Fortunately, many of our pens and shelters are easy to transport from one area of your farm to another.

Wholesale Farm Equipment in Barrie and Southern Ontario

If you’re starting a hobby farm, Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct is the place to go. We carry durable wire fencing, high-quality livestock panels, and modern farm equipment for customers in Barrie, London, Peterborough and more. You can also browse our online store for all your hobby farm needs. For more information about our products and services, contact us by calling 905-588-2995 or emailing us at

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