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Farm Fences in Southern Ontario

Farm fences play many roles, including protecting livestock and delineating property. At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, we serve clients across Southern Ontario and carry a comprehensive lineup of farm fence products to meet your diverse needs. You can also browse our farm fences in our online shop. Contact us today by calling 905-588-2995 or emailing

  • Smooth wire fencing

    Single and double-strand smooth wire fencing is affordable and has many agricultural uses. For example, you can use single-strand wire fencing to structure blueberry or raspberry bushes. You can also use this product as an electric fence.

    Moreover, you can use double-strand wire fencing to build durable perimeters for horses. We sell smooth wire fencing made from galvanized steel to withstand the harshest conditions.

  • Welded utility fencing
    Welded utility fencing is versatile and maintains visibility. It’s perfect for property boundaries, perimeter fencing, garden fencing, split rail fence backings and more. It’s also suitable for containing dogs, sheep and goats.

  • Field fencing
    You can use field fencing on rugged terrain and uneven ground. The hinged and indented wire offers superior stretch. This type of fencing is perfect for containing and protecting a variety of livestock. It has small gaps at the bottom and large holes on the top to prevent animals from rooting or jumping over.

  • No climb fencing
    Livestock like goats are adept climbers and can escape surprisingly high fences. Consequently, engineers have designed woven, no-climb fencing. The small holes and gaps make it impossible to climb. It’s available in heights of four, five and six feet.

  • Hardware cloth fencing
    Hardware cloth fencing can be used for chicken coops, gutter guards, garden fencing, compost containment, erosion control and more. The flexible steel mesh effectively keeps animals like raccoons out of your garden.

  • Barbed wire fencing
    Barbed wire fencing keeps birds from sitting on your fence and disturbing your animals. It’s also effective at keeping predators from entering your livestock enclosures. However, sharp barbs can be dangerous for your animals.

    Keep in mind there are restrictions for farm fences in some Southern Ontario municipalities. For example, a few jurisdictions prohibit the use of barbed wire or electric fencing, depending on how your property is zoned. Check your local by-laws before you purchase and install your new fence.

  • Livestock panels
    Livestock panels are versatile, portable and lightweight. This fencing product is beneficial for farms with livestock such as cattle, horses or llamas. You can connect individual panels to create a protective barrier that keeps your animals safe and where you want them to be. The panels can be used to corral animals one day and then reconfigured to direct animal traffic the next.

    We carry livestock panels designed for all types of animals besides cattle and bison. For example, livestock panels made with wire mesh are perfect for containing small animals such as chickens, sheep and rabbits.

Your Wholesaler for Farm Fences in Southern Ontario

At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, we carry farm fencing for small hobby farms and large commercial operations. We also offer some of the best prices for farm fences and supplies in Southern Ontario. We also carry farm gates and livestock feeders. Contact us today at (905) 588-2995 or email us at

Farm Fencing Done Right

We offer farm fences for small hobby farms and large commercial operations at the best prices.

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