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Top-quality Livestock Feeders in Southern Ontario

Featured Livestock Feeders

Our livestock feeders are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit the varied needs of diverse animals and different farm owners. The variations include heavy-duty, large bale, manger, round bale, and slant bar feeders. 

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Choosing a suitable livestock feeder can optimize your farm operations. At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, we have a range of top-notch, heavy-duty livestock feeders designed to meet the needs of all types of farm animals, from cattle to horses. Our range of livestock feeders in southern Ontario includes products such as livestock pasture feeders, round bale feeders and tombstone hay feeders. All our feeders feature a solid base to prevent spillage, a wide opening for ease of animal feeding and a galvanized metal roof designed to keep hay off the ground. Our livestock feeders are easy to set up and have a grain tray bottom, making it easier to feed a variety of animals at one time. Also, our livestock feeders keep hay off the ground, ensuring that your farm is neat and clean.

We understand that selecting the right product can be confusing. Our team is always available to answer your queries and recommend the right products. If you require a livestock feeder for your farm in southern Ontario, contact us today. 

The Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct Livestock Feeder Edge

Here’s why our livestock feeders are great for you and your farm animals:


Our products can be pinned together in seconds. They are convenient to set up and use.

Practical designs:

Built with a solid base, all our livestock feeders are designed to minimalize spillage and have open-tops to prevent animals from getting stuck inside the feeder.

Lightweight yet durable:

Get livestock feeds just the way you wanted them- easy to carry, transport yet long-lasting, durable and sturdy.

Get Livestock Feeders Here

Ensure your farm animals stay in good health with our sturdy livestock feeders.

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