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Strong & Reliable Wire Fencing Products in Southern Ontario

Our Animal Fence Products

Chicken, deer, rabbit, or other animal fences, from the heavy-duty, high-tensile-strength fence for large animals to light-duty progressive wire fences for small to medium size animals, Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct is where you will get them all. We also have Stucco chicken wire and woven no-climb fences. 

Visit our online store to view our products.

Our Farm Fencing Products

We have a selection of fencing products, including barbed and barbless wires, HD welded, high-visibility, heavy-duty and light-duty fences. We also stock single strand, welding, and woven no-climb fences.

Visit our online store to view our products.

At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, you will find sturdy and reliable wire fencing products in southern Ontario. We provide a variety of wire farm fences, including animal fences and farm fences to meet diverse needs. Our wire fencing is the perfect addition to any farm, from securing your animals, to delineating your farm boundary. We take the care to source high-quality fencing to offer long-lasting solutions.

We regularly update our inventory to include diverse options. As a result, our clients can always find the right fence, whether they run large commercial farms or small individual ones. Our sturdy fences are incredibly robust and can stand tough against harsh weather, ageing, and the animals' weight.

A crucial benefit of buying wire fencing from us is that we can provide our products at wholesale prices. We source our products from a reliable network of suppliers and offer them to you directly. Our customers can buy premium wire fences at unrivalled prices. If you'd like to buy our wire farm fences, please contact us.

Benefits of Wired Fencing

Are you wondering whether investing in wired fencing for your farm is the right decision? Consider the following:


Wired fencing is extremely customizable, you can use it to match your unique needs. This makes it appropriate for all types of farms, regardless of their size.


Wire fencing is remarkably durable and provides a high degree of security. It deters outsiders from trespassing upon your property and is not easily damaged. It also resists harsh weather and fast ageing.

Ease of installation:

Wired fencing generally doesn't require a complicated installation process. This makes them an unrivalled fencing solution that is budget-friendly and long-lasting.

We provide wholesale wired fencing for the farms in the area. If you'd like to place an order, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Order Wholesale Farm Supplies

We can assist you with the most-suited wholesale farming products.

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