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The Best Fencing Options for Pigs

Pigs inside the fencing

If you’re raising pigs, you need fencing that can resist their physical strength, cleverness, and curiosity. Pigs have sharp teeth and strong jaws that can bend weak fence sections until they give way. While pigs don’t typically burrow under the ground, their pacing and rooting can wear down the earth enough to make space for them to escape.


The Cost of Bad Fencing

Without adequate fencing, you risk your livestock escaping. Even if you can retrieve your pigs, you could be liable for damage caused to neighbouring properties. Moreover, it’s not just about keeping your pigs in; you also want to keep predators out.

Types of Pig Fencing

There are several reliable pig fencing options. Each has its benefits, depending on the amount of space and the terrain you’re working with. It also depends on the size of your animals.

  • Hog panels. You can use hog panels to confine your pigs to a relatively small space. Each pig should have about three square metres of room to move around. This option is ideal if grazing isn’t an option. However, supplying food and water can become costly. Additionally, confining your pigs to a small space means they’ll churn up the earth, which may be helpful if you need it tilled for future planting.

  • Wire fencing. If you have plenty of pasture land, heavy-duty wire fencing allows you to subdivide the space and move your pigs around from time to time as their pen gets muddy. This approach helps you save on feed costs and enables you to clear and fertilize a large swath of land for planting.

  • High tensile wire fencing. One of the strongest fencing options is high tensile fencing. Similar to wire fencing, it’s secure, visually appealing, and can hold up for at least 20 years.



Adding two strands of electric fencing wire electricity to your fencing provides an extra level of security. When placed close to the ground, it can prevent pigs from digging. If you’re fencing growing hogs and sows, set your electric wires about 25 centimetres and 45 centimetres from the ground. To contain nursing pigs, a single wire about 15 centimetres from the ground is recommended.


Wire Fencing and Farm Gates for Sale in Southern Ontario

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