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How to Remove Fence Knots

fence knot

Wire fencing is highly versatile. It’s sold in mesh rolls that you can cut, bend and splice into any size enclosure you choose. However, the wire is bound together using knots you’ll need to remove if you wrap a fence post or splice two pieces together. Fortunately, removing fence knots isn’t difficult if you follow these steps.


Identifying Wire Fence Knots

First and foremost, you’ll need to determine the type of knot used in your fencing. The two most common knots are a monarch knot and a square deal knot.

  • Monarch knot. A monarch knot is created by wrapping the vertical wire around the horizontal wire. It looks like a coil and is sometimes called a “hinge knot.” It’s designed to bend but not break and withstands pushing and leaning.

  • Square deal knot. Also known as an S-knot, a square deal knot uses an extra small wire to wrap tightly around the vertical and horizontal wires. With fewer sharp barbs than the monarch knot, it minimizes animal injury and is often used on sheep and goat fences and non-climb horse fences.

With familiar tools, each knot is easily removable in a few seconds, but monarch knots and S-knots require specific techniques, which we’ll explain below.


Removing a Monarch Knot

To remove a monarch knot, you’ll need a pair of wire cutters and a pair of work gloves. Cut the vertical wire above and below the knot. You’ll be left with two short lengths of wire coming out of the knot. If you pull the two short wires simultaneously, you should be able to slide the knot off the horizontal line easily.


Removing a Square Deal Knot

Square deal knot removal requires a pair of lineman’s pliers, wire cutters and work gloves. First, use the lineman’s pliers to loosen the “S,” the extra piece wound at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal wires. Grab the ends and pull them away from the knot. Second, cut the vertical wires above and below the knot. You can then slide the knot off the horizontal line, much like a monarch knot.


After removing a monarch or square deal knot, you should be left with long, smooth, malleable horizontal wires that you can bend and twist any way you want.


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