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5 Horse Fencing Mistakes to Avoid

horse on beautiful pasture


Are you thinking about adding horses to your farm? If so, proper fencing is a must. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid to ensure your horses stay safe and contained.


1. Choosing an inappropriate fence type

Horses spook easily, so not all fencing materials are suitable to keep them contained. For example, barbed wire and wire strand fencing should never be used around horses, as it can cut easily cut their skin and lead to severe injuries if they accidentally run into it.


2. Not considering visibility

Horses have limited eyesight and tend to focus on objects in the distance to scan for danger. When frightened, they set their sight on the horizon and lose awareness of objects near them. Therefore, poor fence visibility is an accident waiting to happen.


Wooden post and rail fencing is a great option. However, no-climb woven wire fencing is also suitable, provided it’s clearly visible with hanging ribbons or plastic flagging.


3. Making the fence too low

Horses are agile creatures that can jump very high. Therefore, your fence must be tall enough to keep them from escaping and possibly injuring themselves. As a rule of thumb, your fence should be around 1.5 to 2 metres tall.


4. Not reinforcing the gates

Gates can be a vulnerable point in your perimeter. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a heavy-duty model that can’t easily be pushed open from the inside. Gates with mesh panelling are always a safe bet. However, avoid gates with diagonal cross bracing as the narrow angles can trap legs, feet and heads. Also, make sure the gate is secured with a combination of chains, clips and latches.


5. Neglecting maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your horse fencing in top condition. Improperly maintained fencing can become a hazard for your horses. For example, sharp edges and broken panelling can cause injury. Get into the habit of walking your fence line and regularly checking for damage, debris and overgrowth.


You can speak with the professionals at Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct (OWFD) for advice on what type of fencing would work best for your needs.


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