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What to Consider When Building Fencing for Bison

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Bison is the largest animal in North America. Fully grown adult males are three metres tall, 2.7 metres long, and weigh between 900 and 1,300 kilograms. As a semi-domesticated animal, bison still have wild tendencies. Therefore, bison ranches need high, sturdy fences. Here are four things to consider when building livestock fencing for bison.


1. Material

It’s best to use barbed or high-tensile wire fencing to contain bison. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least five strands of heavy-duty wire fencing, and at least three of the wires should be electrified with between 3,000 and 4,000 volts. You can easily set up a single-strand fence wire and have an electric current run through it.

Moreover, high-tensile wire fencing with a fixed-knot design is also recommended for big games. The fixed knots help hold the wires in place for maximum strength and durability.

2. Height

Bison fencing must be higher and more robust than cattle fencing. Despite their large size, bison can run faster and jump higher than cows. Therefore, you’ll need fencing that’s at least 1.5 metres high to contain them. If you experience significant snowfall in winter, consider adding 0.3 metres to keep your bison confined.

3. Spacing

Post spacing is an important consideration if you want your fence to be sturdy. Install your fence posts five to six metres apart to hold bison. Spacing between the line wires on your woven wire fence should be a minimum of 15 centimetres for high-traffic areas and 30 centimetres for pastures.

4. Gates

You must install livestock gates that are robust and able to withstand harsh weather. The gate should be at least as high as your fence. Latched gates should also have a mechanism to prevent accidental opening. Furthermore, cattle grids or cattle guards are effective at containing bison because the metal bars are spaced wide enough apart so that animals are reluctant to walk over them.

Lastly, no matter how high or how strong you build your fence, nothing can stop a hungry or angry bison. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep bison contained is to keep them happy with plenty of food, water, and shelter. Fortunately, Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct carries various livestock feeders and water troughs to satisfy your animals’ needs.


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