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The Benefits of Using Rubber Flooring in Chicken Coops

Hen looking outside the window

If you’re looking for chicken coop flooring, you need a safe and serviceable solution. Your chickens need a material that’s easy on their toes and safe to peck around on. You require a material that’s easy to install, clean and maintain. Here are some reasons why rubber chicken coop flooring ticks all the boxes.


It provides a protective layer. Rubber flooring gives your poultry a safe, non-toxic surface while protecting your structure’s subfloor. Even if your coop has a floor of bare soil, rubber flooring can mitigate the risk of erosion.

It’s easy to clean. Rubber flooring is easy to clean and disinfect, so you don’t have to use potentially toxic chemicals. You simply hose it off. If a deeper clean is necessary, dish detergent and warm water are sufficient.

It’s easy to install or move. Rubber sheets come in various sizes and are easy to cut to achieve a customized fit. The mats are portable and easy to lay in place or shift when necessary. Because they’re heavy and not slippery, you won’t need to use staples or adhesives to hold them in place. Some varieties have interlocking edges that provide uninterrupted coverage with simple removal.

It's durable. Unlike wooden floor coverings, rubber isn’t susceptible to mildew or rot. It won’t crack or chip the way vinyl or linoleum flooring can.

It’s pest resistant. Rodents or bugs will find some flooring types attractive because they can serve as food or nesting material. Rubber is neither appetizing nor cozy for these pests.

It’s safe and comfortable. Rubber makes a safer workspace for you because it’s slip-resistant. It also adds a layer of cushioning and insulation on what might otherwise be a rigid, cold surface. This padding makes a more comfortable floor for both you and your chickens.

It’s cost-effective. While installing rubber flooring in your chicken coop may require extra up-front expense, it offers a considerable payoff. The reduced time and cost for cleaning, maintenance and replacement will deliver savings over the long term.

To make your rubber flooring more hospitable to your chickens, add bedding material like hay or wood shavings.


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