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How to Maintain Wire Fencing

wire fence


Farmers often use fencing to protect their crops and contain their livestock. Wire fencing in particular is a popular choice in the agricultural industry because it’s affordable, customizable and easy to install.


It can also be very durable if it’s properly maintained. Here’s what you need to do to extend the lifespan of your wire fence.


Inspect it regularly. Many things can damage your fence, including flooding, wood rot, corrosion, livestock, vandalism and machinery. Take regular walks along your fence and look for any areas that might need mending.


Fix it as needed. Don’t leave repairs until the last minute. Make sure to address problems as soon as you notice them. Some common issues that may need to be fixed include broken posts and loose wires. You can address most of these issues using simple tools like pliers and a hammer.


Keep it clear. Make sure your fence line is free of debris. Overgrown foliage, fallen tree branches, heavy snow and other materials can put pressure on your fence and cause it to sag or collapse. You should also trim overhanging tree branches to reduce the likelihood of something falling on the fence.


Ensure it’s grounded. If you have an electric fence, make sure to always keep it grounded. Check the grounding rods periodically. If you notice any issues, use a voltage tester to locate short-circuits and to ensure that you have adequate voltage on the fence line.


Stretch it out. It’s normal for wires to loosen over time. Examine your fence for any areas that may be sagging. It’s important to keep your wires stretched out so that they’re straight between posts, but not so tight that they vibrate when you hit them. You can help keep your fence stretched out by adding small kinks in the wire using pliers and a hammer. If you have wire tighteners, make sure to check them regularly.


Wire fencing in Southern Ontario

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