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How to Choose the Best Livestock Fencing

Livestock Fence


If you keep livestock on your farm, proper fencing is a must. Some animals, however, are easier to fence in than others. Here’s an overview of the best types of fencing for a variety of common livestock.



It’s relatively easy to fence in cattle. Consequently, woven wire, barbed wire and electric fencing are all suitable options. However, if you’re using woven wire or barbed wire, placing a strand of electric wire along the top can help prevent your cattle from leaning over the fence. Additionally, if you need to separate bulls from cows, it’s a good idea to use heavy-duty wire fencing to prevent them from escaping.



When it comes to fencing for horses, visibility is key. Horses must be able to clearly see the fence, so they don’t run into it or become tangled in it. Barbed wire fencing should therefore be avoided. Since horses are easily spooked, they can severely injure themselves if they run into it. Wood post-and-board fencing is ideal. No-climb woven wire fencing, however, is also suitable, provided it’s clearly visible. For example, you can hang ribbons or plastic flagging along the fence to make it easier to see.


Goats and sheep

Goats are curious animals and are known for being master escape artists. Consequently, woven mesh or net wire fencing is your best bet. It’s durable and easy to install. This type of fencing is also ideal for sheep because it effectively keeps out predators like coyotes. The most important aspect of this type of fencing is to choose a weave pattern that’s small enough to prevent your livestock from injuring themselves or getting their heads stuck. Generally, fencing with four-inch square holes will do the trick.



If you need to fence in pigs, high-tensile wire fencing is a great choice. It’s sturdy and won’t collapse if a pig leans against it or runs into it. Just make sure your enclosure is low to the ground to prevent your pigs from rooting. You can also place one strand of barbed wire or electric wire along the bottom of the fence to prevent them from digging underneath it.


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