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How Far Apart Should Fence Posts Be?

Fence Spacing

When building a fence, the installation techniques and materials you choose are crucial to the fence’s sturdiness and longevity. So, too, is the space between the fence posts. The best distance between your fence posts depends on several factors. Here’s what to consider when designing a new fence for your farm.


Why Fence Post Spacing Is Essential

The distance between your fence posts is a critical factor in determining the durability of your fence. The closer the posts are to each other, the stronger and safer the fence will be and the less maintenance you’ll require down the road. However, if they’re too close, the fence will be too rigid and unable to absorb an impact.

On the other hand, putting fence posts closer together can dramatically increase the cost of materials and installation. For example, let’s say you require 1000 metres of fencing. Placing the fence posts 2.5 metres apart requires about 400 posts. However, if you set posts 3.5 metres apart, you would need only 286 posts. That difference adds up to a significant cost difference in the materials you need to buy and the time and labour required to install them.

Therefore, you must balance durability and longevity with the material and labour costs to ensure you don’t place fence posts closer than necessary.


Standard Fence Post Spacing

The minimum length between fence posts is usually between 2.5 and 3.5 metres. However, depending on the style of fence and the material you choose, that length can increase or decrease. For example, if you decide on high-tensile steel fence posts, you can increase the space between posts to 4.5 or six metres. Here’s a list of some standard fence post spacing recommendations:


What to Do Before Installing Fence Posts

Remember, before digging holes for your fence posts, ensure you’re on the correct property lines using a surveyor plan or other official map. Also, call your local utility companies, including water, electricity and internet companies, to ensure you won’t hit any lines.


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