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5 Clever Uses for Cattle Panels

Shed for livestock and farm animals

Cattle panels are durable and designed for the rigours of farm life. Made of heavy-gauge, hot-dipped, galvanized steel wire, ranchers often use them for containing cattle and other livestock on farms and homesteads. However, they’re incredibly versatile and have many possible uses. Here are five creative ways to use cattle panels on your rural property.


  • Storage shelter. Using cattle panels, you can create a low-cost cover for farm equipment, small implements, and more. All you need are some T-posts, a few cattle panels and a heavy-duty tarp. You can customize the size of the shelter by using as many panels and tarps as necessary.

  • Greenhouse. Have you always wanted a hoop house or greenhouse but don’t want to spend a fortune? Cattle panels are a great solution. They’re flexible, and you can shape them into an A-frame or arched structure. Simply attach a few cattle panels to a framed base and cover them with durable greenhouse plastic to create a warm space for flowers and seedlings.

  • Garden supports. If you grow vegetables like pole beans, squash and cucumbers in your garden, you can easily create a vertical trellis or arch using cattle panels. You can also cut the panels down and fashion them into tomato cages.

  • Chicken tractor. You can use cattle panels to build a portable chicken tractor to move around your property. With just four panels, you can create a sizable space. Using panels is a practical and inexpensive way to let your chickens graze while being protected from predators.

  • Dog run. Why not use cattle panels to make an attractive and affordable space for your dog to run and play? One of the most significant benefits is the panels can easily be disassembled and moved to a different location. A 16-foot by 50-inch cattle panel at Wholesale Farm Direct only weighs 35 pounds, making them easy for one person to handle.

  • If you come across a few extra cattle panels laying around your homestead, try repurposing them to create functional new items.


Cattle Panel Products in Southern Ontario

Whether you have a large operation or a small hobby farm with a few animals, Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct has everything you need. We carry a variety of farming equipment, including livestock fencing, panels, gates and feeders. It’s easy to shop for what you need on our online store. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We serve customers throughout Southern Ontario.


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