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5 Animals That Are Easy to Raise on a Hobby Farm

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Are you new to hobby farming? Do you want to expand your operation by adding another type of livestock? If so, here are five animals you may want to consider.


1. Chickens

Poultry doesn’t require much space and are inexpensive to feed, which can make them a perfect animal to raise on a small hobby farm. In fact, they’ll eat just about anything, including compost and weeds. In addition, chickens are multipurpose animals that provide eggs, meat and fertilizer. However, it’s important to keep their coop clean, as chickens tend to roost in tight quarters and have weak respiratory systems. Often, if one falls ill, they all will.


2. Rabbits

A great choice of livestock for homesteaders, rabbits breed quickly, produce high-quality meat and take up very little space. They can be fed a variety of foods, including store-bought feed, fodder, weeds, grass clippings and hay. Rabbits also produce rich fertilizer that’s great for flower and vegetable gardens. However, be aware that rabbits are vulnerable to predators and must be housed in hutches.


3. Goats

A great addition to any homestead, goats are social animals that make great companions. Furthermore, they can help control brush and weeds, are a nutritious meat source and provide plenty of dairy. In fact, some goat breeds can produce over three litres of milk per day. However, they’re notorious escape artists, so installing proper wire fencing is a must.


4. Pigs

There are plenty of pig breeds that are perfectly suitable for small hobby farms. For example, Berkshire and Gloucestershire Old Spots are easy-going and produce great-tasting meat. They forage well and will eat just about anything you feed them. However, since pigs produce a lot of manure, it can be time-consuming to keep their enclosures clean.


5. Sheep

Able to provide dairy, meat and wool, sheep can be a great type of livestock to raise on a hobby farm because they don’t require a lot of space. In fact, four or five sheep can live comfortably live on one acre of land. Sheep are easy to feed as they can eat grass in the warmer months and hay in the winter. However, they’re often targeted by predators, which makes having the right fencing extremely important.

If you want to raise animals on your hobby farm, the amount of time and space you have available are the two most important factors to keep in mind.


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