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5 Advantages of Portable Corrals

Man feeding a cow behind a wooden fence

Managing livestock is a challenging job. A portable corral made of livestock panels can make handling livestock for vaccinations, tagging or loading onto trailers significantly easier. Here are five advantages of using a portable corral for a livestock farm.


  1. They improve efficiency. With a portable corral, you can take the corral from one pasture to another rather than knocking it down and rebuilding it every time you move the cattle. A portable corral is an excellent choice for livestock operations that use several large pastures where rounding up and transporting cattle would take a lot of time and effort. Just load up a trailer with an adequate number of panels and travel to the animals.

  2. They’re customizable. Portable corrals can be adapted to serve the task at hand. You can create any design, including circles, alleys, rectangles and multiple-pen enclosures. In addition to grazing pens, you can add loading chutes, squeezes and headgates when needed.

  3. They’re easy to set up. Livestock panels are made of lightweight metal and are easy to transport and install. A typical livestock panel weighs between 23 and 30 kilograms. They fasten together quickly to construct a reliable enclosure.

  4. They lower stress levels. Using livestock panels to create a “Bud Box” is an effective method for moving cattle into a chute or onto a trailer. A Bud Box — designed by premier stock handler Bud Williams — is an alley used to manage cattle movement. It naturally guides them where you want them to go without the need for pushing or yelling. You can easily build a Bud Box on any sized pasture with panels and a series of livestock gates.

  5. They make vaccinations more effective. Stressed animals have compromised immune systems and don’t respond well to vaccinations. Vaccines are of little use to cattle stressed out after being transported from the pasture to the corral. Keeping cattle calm and stress-free by using a portable corral ensures vaccinations are more effective, helping your animals and your profit margins.


Livestock Panels in Southern Ontario

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