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3 Types of Deer Fencing

Iron fence in a farm to protect vegetables

If you grow vegetables, you understand the challenges of keeping wildlife at bay, especially deer. Did you know that white-tailed deer can jump more than two metres (eight feet) high? Although you can try sprays, noise makers and motion sensor lights, installing a fence is the best way to prevent deer from munching on your vegetables. Here are a few materials suitable for creating an effective deer barrier.


1. Polypropylene fencing

Installing a polypropene fence is an excellent option for keeping deer out of your garden. The material is designed to flex if a deer runs into it, and impacts won’t dent it. It’s also nearly invisible and won’t detract from the look of your garden. Moreover, polypropylene is a lightweight material that’s easy to handle and install.

2. Heavy-duty wire fencing

High tensile wire fencing is designed for maximum strength and won’t collapse if a deer leans against it. At Wholesale Farm Direct, our 14.5-gauge hot dipped galvanized high tensile steel wire fencing will keep out even the most determined deer.

The fencing material is 6.5 feet high and has a 4” x 6” to 8” x 6” progressive hole structure with fixed knots to help hold the wires in place. You may also consider placing one strand of barbed wire along the bottom of the fence to prevent the deer from digging underneath it.

3. Electric fencing

Single strand electric fencing is effective at deterring deer and keeping them out of your garden for good. When a deer touches the fence, it receives a shock and quickly becomes trained to stay away. Remember that you must regularly maintain the fence line to ensure weeds and other plants don’t come in contact with the fence and render it ineffective.

Finally, deer are more likely to jump a fence if they can sense its height. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from wooden top rails as this can give deer the perfect sight line to jump. The fencing experts at Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct can help you select the best fencing for your specific requirements.


Farm Fencing in Ontario

At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, we carry a wide variety of farm fencing to contain livestock and keep wildlife out of your yard. We also provide feeders, gates and farm equipment. We proudly serve farms of all kinds across Ontario, including large commercial farms and hobby farms. For more information about our products, contact us today.


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