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Understanding Fence Knots: Which Ones Are Best for You?

White horse behind a fence in the open field

When selecting heavy-duty wire fencing, many people fail to consider the type of knot used in manufacturing. Fence knots dictate a fence’s strength and flexibility, so you must choose the type of knot that best suits the purpose of your fence. Here are some common fence knots and their best uses.


  • Monarch Knot

Also known as a hinge knot, a monarch knot features a vertical wire that wraps around the horizontal wire at each intersection of the fence. A fence that is woven together with monarch knots is more flexible than other fences. It’s designed to bend but not break; if livestock push against it, it’ll give but snap back into place.

Monarch knots are suited for corrals with many animals inside or anywhere you need a fence that flexes under pressure.

  • Square Deal Knot

Fences with square deal knots, also called S-knots, are more rigid than fences with monarch knots. An S-knot is a small wire that hugs the vertical and horizontal wires where they intersect, cinching them firmly together. The barriers are firm, seldom buckle or sag and are smooth with no sharp edges, so animals can’t get scratched or hurt.

Square deal knots are often used for no-climb horse fences.

  • Cross Lock Knot

A cross lock knot is also called a fixed knot. A piece of wire loops once around the horizontal wire, then wraps over the vertical wire and loops around the horizontal on the other side before both ends finally intertwine around the vertical line. A fence with cross lock knots is more rigid and durable than fences with monarch and square deal knots. 

Fences made with cross lock knots are suited for harsh climates and can withstand the weight of heavy snow and impacts from large animals.

  • V-Mesh Knot

V-mesh woven fences are manufactured with a continuous weave pattern, so there are no sharp edges or cut wires. The V-mesh design prevents hooves and legs from getting caught in the fence. It’s a versatile fence that you can use for several different applications. 

V-mesh fences are solid and flexible. They’re used primarily to enclose horses and can also work well in fencing for dog runs.


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