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The Benefits of Corral Shelters

corral shelter


Ensuring that your horses have access to shelter is essential to their well-being. They need refuge from the sun, flies, wind and rain in order to feel their best. A good shelter should be well-ventilated and be easy to adapt to your changing needs.


Not only does a corral shelter check these boxes, but it also comes with a number of other benefits that might make it the perfect type of shelter for your farm.


What is a corral shelter?

Made of a steel frame covered in durable fabric, corral shelters can be attached onto existing corral panels. The shelter creates a sturdy roof on the panels that keeps the elements at bay. For added protection, you can also invest in enclosure panels that cover the sides of the corral panels.


You can create shelter anywhere

A big perk of corral shelters is that they can be installed just about anywhere. If at any point you want to relocate the shelter somewhere else, moving it is no problem. This is great if your horses will need to move between pastures.


They’re easy to install

Installation is a breeze. This is because corral shelters are designed to fit snugly onto most corral panels by securely attaching to their frames.


They’re secure and reliable

There’s no point in installing a shelter for your horses if you can’t count on it to protect them from heavy precipitation and intense heat. Corral shelters are made of strong, durable materials that are securely anchored in place to provide your horses with a safe haven from flies and extreme weather.


They’re reasonably priced

A good shelter doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Corral shelters are a budget-friendly option, while still giving you the satisfaction of knowing the money you spent is going toward a quality product.


They allow horses to come and go

Corral shelters are open in the front, which allows your horses to exit and enter as they please. This means that whenever your horse is feeling uncomfortable outside, they can always hightail it to the safety of their shelter.


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