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How to Choose the Right Chicken Crate

Big Plastic Transport Boxes for Chickens Farm Equipment

Raising chickens in suburban and urban areas has become increasingly popular in recent years. Along with the requisite coop, run, feeder and water dispenser, you should also invest in a chicken crate. Crates can be used to transport your birds or isolate sick or hen-pecked poultry. Here are a few tips for choosing the right crate for your needs.


  • Size. The first thing to consider is the size of the crate. This largely depends on how many chickens you want to fit inside. Most crates fit eight to 12 birds. However, avoid overcrowding your crates. When chickens are stressed, they can pile on top of each other, leading to suffocation. If you want to keep your chickens calm and safe, give them just enough space so they can’t flap their wings and injure themselves or other birds.

  • Bottom holes. Make sure the holes on the bottom of the crate are small enough, so your chickens don’t get their feet stuck in them. If not, they could injure or even break a leg.

  • Door vs lid. Some crates have one or two doors, while others have a removable lid that can be locked in place once your chickens are inside and taken off when you want to release them. However, if your birds are flighty, a side or top door is best. This will ensure they don’t fly away when it’s time to take them out.

  • Stackable. If you need to purchase several crates, make sure they can easily be stacked on top of each other without causing discomfort to the birds. Stackable crates are much easier to move around and take up far less floor space.

Moreover, many chicken crates are made of several pieces. This allows you to quickly disassemble them when they’re not in use. This type of crate is especially handy if you have limited storage space.


At Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct, we carry affordable, heavy-duty chicken crates that are 75 centimetres long by 54 centimetres wide and 29 centimetres high.


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Whether you have a small hobby farm with 10 chickens or a large commercial operation with thousands of birds, Ontario Wholesale Farm Direct has the farming supplies you need. In addition to chicken crates, we carry coops, plastic tubs, rubber flooring and more. Our team has several years of agricultural experience and can help you make the right decision for your farm. Contact us today for more information.



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