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4 Pasture Grazing Management Methods

Grazing Cows

If you have a large herd of cattle, sheep or goats, you understand the importance of grazing management. There are many grazing management methods, each with its pros and cons. Here’s a look at four common grazing approaches.

1. Continuous grazing

This technique allows for a set number of animals to graze freely on one pasture without any restrictions or rotation. Although continuous grazing requires minimal labour and fencing costs, it provides little to no rest for the land. This can lead to overgrazing, soil erosion and a decline in pasture productivity. However, this method is useful if you have thoroughbreds and dairy cattle that you only want to eat the “cream of the crop.”

2. Rotational grazing

This method rotates animals through a series of smaller pastures or fenced-off paddocks regularly. This allows the plants and soil to rest and regenerate while others are grazed. Once all the paddocks have been used, the sequence starts again, with the animals moving to the paddock that has rested the longest. This method is relatively labour-intensive and requires a lot of fencing materials, but it can help increase forage growth and improve pasture health.

3. Strip grazing

This intensive form of grazing management involves using portable electric fences to confine animals to a small strip of pasture for a relatively short amount of time. Animals are moved as often as once or twice a day. This technique is often used for cool- and warm-season annuals or stockpiled forages. It can also be utilized to target specific forage species or prevent overgrazing.

4. Creep grazing

Creep grazing is a management practice thatgives young or nursing animals access to a separate area within a pasture or paddock using a special gate. This allows young animals to access high-quality forage while keeping adult animals out. Farmers often use this method to help calves put on weight faster and take pressure off nursing cows to provide milk, resulting in quicker recovery.

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