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Tips for Choosing the Right Bale Feeder

bale feeder


The cost of feed is one of the greatest expenses associated with raising livestock. Unfortunately, a lot of it goes to waste due to poor storage methods and improper feeding practices.


Unrolling bales and leaving them unprotected on the ground can result in large amounts of loss. Using a bale feeder, however, helps contain the hay and stops cattle and other animals from trampling on it.



Bale feeders come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most popular types:


• Open bottom feeders are lightweight and easy to move around. However, they result in more waste than other types of bale feeders.


• Sheeted bottom feeders hold hay inside the container, but they’re also heavier. This makes them less convenient to move around.


• Round bale feeders can hold large quantities of hay. They’re great for feeding many animals at one time.


• Cone-shaped feeders have an efficient design that suspends hay off the ground and results in less waste. One potential disadvantage is that they require the use of a tractor with a front-end loader to place the bale inside the feeder.


• Cradle feeders have a removable gate that makes it easy to load a bale inside. This design prolongs the life of the bale by holding it off the ground and keeping it dry. Cradle feeders can be used to safely feed both cows and horses.


• Rack and trough feeders can hold both hay and grains. The trough helps catch any hay that falls as animals pull at the bale.



When choosing a bale feeder for your livestock, here are a few things you should think about:


• Safety. This should be your number one consideration. What works for one animal might not work for another.


• Size. The dimensions of your feeder will depend on the type and number of livestock that’ll be using it. Large animals need bigger feeders.


• Cost. Your budget will help narrow down your choices.


Ultimately, choosing the right bale feeder is a matter of considering your needs and it may take some trial and error to find the right one.


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